The Long Awaited Strata Reform

The long awaited strata reform will see more than 90 laws changing from 30 November 2016. The last major reform to strata was back in 1973, where parts of the legislation are no longer relevant in this day and age.


The Key Changes Include:

Pets – which requires the Owners Corporation to not unreasonably withhold its approval of an animal on a lot or the common property, and must give written reasons for any refusal.

Parking – which is always an issue now allows the Owners Corporations to enter into agreements with the local council to use part of the common property as a strata parking area where the council erect signs and enforce penalties.

Smoking – is now recognised as a possible nuisance or hazard which may unreasonably interfere with the use or enjoyment of the common property or another lot.

Renovations – allows owners to carry out minor renovations, such as hanging pictures, coat hooks and filling cracks. Other renovations still require approval.

Stronger Accountability – which requires Strata Managing Agents to disclose conflicts of interest, including financial. And now have a managing time frame applied to their management agreements.

Collective Sale & Renewal – Owners will be able to jointly end or wind up a strata scheme so the site can be sold or renewed. The reforms will also ensure that owners receive at least the market value of their lot, plus an extra amount for costs like those associated with moving.


Further Reading

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