Beating Mold

A friend of mine recently had to grapple with an old enemy that all of us have wrestled with at some time – mold!  


Perhaps your rental property is now vacant again, and you find that some mold is making it look unappealing (and unhealthy). So what can be done to banish it before it takes over?

Try These Top Tips:

  • Mold is actually a tiny plant that thrives on moisture, so moisture control is the key to avoiding it

  • Ensure there are no leaks, check the roof, windows, taps and piping that could be feeding the moisture problem. In multi-story dwellings, the problem may be in a unit above yours, a leaking toilet upstairs can create a damp wall in the unit below it

  • Adequate ventilation is a must! Air the affected areas as much as possible, and install ventilation, if necessary

  • If mold has already gotten a foothold, clean it off and treat the surfaces to inhibit recurrence with a mixture of glove oil and water

  • Moisture absorbers like DampRid are great if you have to leave your property closed up, these can be placed inside wardrobes and cupboards to control damp (and save your clothes). Don’t forget to check them regularly and change them when full of water

  • Don’t forget to check behind large freestanding wardrobes and furniture placed against walls


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