Jingle All The Way

Don’t be anxious if you’re trying to sell your home as the Christmas lights are going up. There are some advantages to selling through the silly season.

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We won’t sugar coat it, there can also be some challenges when selling your property through Christmas and the New Year period, many Real Estate agents close up shop and have a break, people get distracted with presents and parties, and let’s face it… most of us are just plain exhausted.

But if you find yourself selling over the holidays, don’t despair. In some ways, it can be a good thing.

You just need to know where your advantages lie.

There is always a large amount of cashed-up buyers ready to pounce, particularly in this current market and agents report that there are more homes on the market in mid-January and early February.

For buyers, there are likely some bargains around in the lead-up to Christmas, as some vendors who have listed their properties may be keen to sell.

Let’s, however, look at some of the benefits of selling over this time of the year.

Spring Has Sprung

The height of the Spring selling season is well and truly winding down, and many who’ve parted with their homes are now on the hunt for their next property.

Selling at the height of Spring means you’ve got plenty of competition and you and your agent have to work that little bit harder to stand out. There are generally fewer properties on the market over the Christmas and New Year period, meaning motivated buyers with fewer properties to view.


More Time

Though it’s a busy time of year, most people have more time to scout out properties they’ve had their eyes on.

Remember normal work schedule make viewing lots of properties a challenge, as commitments slow down, motivated buyers have much more time on their hands so take advantage of this and ensure that your property is available as often as possible.

Presentation Is Important

The old saying ‘first impressions last’ could not be truer when it comes to presenting your property for sale. That means a tidy and presentable interior and exterior, many buyers often do a drive-by before deciding whether to inspect your home when it comes to the open for inspection.

Ensure that your home is clean, tidy and well-maintained. Ensure that the property has been thoroughly cleaned, both inside and out. Clear away all that clutter, let’s face it, over-cluttered spaces can give a buyer the impression that there is not enough storage and finally, well-cared for homes appear better, if you’ve been putting off small fix up jobs because you're selling, buyers will notice. It’s worth getting small items fixed before putting your home on the market.

It’s The Most Happiest Time Of The Year

With less work and more spirit in the air, people generally feel happier and more relaxed over the holiday period. When buyers are cheery, they’re in a better mood to negotiate and more likely to act. The process should be easier for all parties.

This is a time for taking stock and reinvention – the perfect state of mind for moving on to a new home and a new chapter of life.

Look No Further

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Wishing all our readers a very Merry Christmas and may Santa deliver the perfect buyer for you!